Location: Des Moines
Size: 44 Residential Units and Commercial Ground Floor
Status: Complete


Constructed in 1917, the Clemens Automobile building was designed as storage and showroom space for the Clemens’ brothers growing automotive business. The reinforced concrete structure with brown brick façade reflects the building styles of the early 20th century. Key elements in this building are the simple terra-cotta decorations used in the trim and the large three section windows.


The Clemens building is designed as a mixed-use project with restaurant space on the first floor and high-end, private apartments on the remaining floors. The unit mix includes one and two bedroom units. Several units on the ground floor and all of the units on the roof are designed to be two-story, townhouse style units.

Amenities include a rooftop patio and tenant clubhouse space available for private party reservation. In-unit laundry and on-floor storage space are available for each unit.

Leasing Information

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