Blackbird a part of the Business Record’s 35th Anniversary initiative

In celebration of the Business Record’s 35th anniversary, they didn’t just want to look to the past, but to look to the future, too. They used this opportunity to launch “Greater,” a new magazine that will allow the Business Record to share more voices and the diverse set of ideas and solutions that we need to address the region’s challenges and opportunities.

Blackbird made an appearance as part of the future of Greater Des Moines because we believe in sustainable design, creating social benefits for the communities in which our projects reside, improving communities, as well as leaving a better world for our children. We also share the belief that everyone is entitled to safe, clean, and affordable housing. Whether it is the revitalization of a historic landmark, an adaptive reuse of a century-old building, or a brand new tower in Des Moines, the company takes an emphasis on building to last and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

In total in the magazine, you’ll find more than 75 ideas, some big, some small, but all contributed by readers who identified community needs and, more importantly, offered solutions to solving those challenges.