Blackbird exhibition at 2019 Preserve Iowa Summit

Designed and built by the Blackbird design team, “Boarded Up” is currently on exhibition in Newton, Iowa at the 2019 Preserve Iowa Summit. The Preserve Iowa Summit is the premier statewide annual conference for professionals, property owners, and volunteers involved in historic preservation in Iowa. Blackbird was challenged by Preserve Iowa to temporarily transform left-over, open space just off the square in Newton into a place to gather, referred to as a parklet.

“Boarded Up”┬áis an exploration of the rise and fall of historic commercial storefronts built across the Midwest over a century ago, many of which utilized the curious prismatic glass panel commonly known as Luxfer. The parklet is meant for people to stop and interact with.

Make sure to watch the video below to hear the vision and full story.

The exhibit will be up until the end of June.