Values Fund

The Blackbird Values Fund exists to re-ignite the faith of the Church by leveraging real estate assets to complete impact projects guided by Catholic Social Teaching.


Blackbird Values Fund accomplishes its mission by first assessing the spiritual and financial needs of each of the ecclesial ministries that we work with. We strategize to leverage their existing real estate and building assets to extend their financial and spiritual missions. The end result is that the Catholic Church maintains long-term control over the finished project, and everything is done completely within Catholic Social Teaching.


By working closely with parishes, ministries, and charitable organizations advancing Catholic ideals, Blackbird unites investors with the Church they love and support. This approach to impact investing creates financial support for the Church as well as an attractive return for our philanthropic investment partners. By using the Church resources, we can better equip the Church to be able to go out and evangelize and win souls back for Christ.


The Blackbird Development Fund 2019 has projects in development in Fort Collins, Denver, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Boulder.




+ Ensure the Church maintains control of Her land.

+ Provide the Catholic Church access to investment dollars.

+ Financially impact the evangelical ministries of the Catholic Church.

Blackbird Fund Management