Fort Des Moines

Fort Des Moines

Location: Des Moines
Size: 142 Residential Units
Status: Completed


This project is comprised of ten buildings of the historic Fort Des Moines on 13 acres of the original 640-acre fort. Built between 1903 and 1910, these barracks and stables have an important place in our nation’s history as the first place where black men were trained and commissioned as officers in the United States Army. Subsequently, the same buildings were used to train and commission women for roles in the Army during the Second World War. The Fort has remained important in the community as housing for veterans returning from World War II and as the major induction site in Iowa during the Korean conflict and Vietnam.


A historic rehabilitation project, the Fort Des Moines project proposes to create an entire urban community with consideration to the workplace, schools, parks, and public entertainment. This urban community is situated so that the aspects of suburban living (quiet streets, pleasant walking paths, safe play areas) are made a part of the urban living experience. The original historic structure (brick with heavy timber framing) has been retained. The large, restored windows provide natural light throughout the buildings.

This community is also proposed to provide a model of stewardship in the use of green technologies and integration of the community into the existing environment/eco-system. Key features include geothermal heating and cooling, on-site stormwater detention using Bio-swales, and solar photovoltaic structures for tenant use.

Leasing Information

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