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Blackbird Leadership Team

Blackbird is a real estate development company based out of Des Moines, Iowa with just over $1 billion in development. The company is founded on the premise that every human being is entitled to live where their maximum potential can be met, through dwelling spaces, communities, and employment opportunities that reflect their values.


The five partners, Justin Doyle, Harry Doyle, Ryan Doyle, Hugh O’Hagan, and TJ Jacobs all share the same belief; everyone is entitled to safe, clean, and affordable housing. The majority of projects within Blackbird’s portfolio tie their mission into social benefits for the community in which it resides. The company focus has created a philanthropic spark and has led to the exponential growth of over 50 employees since Blackbird formed in 2013. Justin Doyle, President of Blackbird, has attributed much of the company’s success to the talent of his staff and forming good business partnerships with those who see eye-to-eye when it comes to the desire of improving communities and leaving a better world for our children.


Sustainable design for all of Blackbird’s projects is a top priority. Whether it is the revitalization of a historic landmark, adaptive reuse of a century-year-old building, or a brand-new tower in Des Moines, the company takes an emphasis on building to last and leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Blackbird believes that transforming buildings can change not only the structure but also the surrounding community.


Each project has its own set of challenges providing Blackbird the opportunity to create unique solutions. Believing there is no single solution for all projects, only a single solution for each project. Blackbird successfully executes projects by forming strategic alliances with both local and national partners. Key tenants of every project include:


  • Forming and changing environments to dignify and maximize potential
  • Creating lasting and energy-efficient buildings
  • Engaging local craftsmen to create new solutions
  • Integrating with existing communities and landscapes
  • Partnering with local housing advocates on multi-family projects


Blackbird prides itself not only on transforming buildings and communities but also on the talent of its people. The company is flourishing under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and kindest hearts in the business. Through family and friendships, Blackbird was formed in 2013 by partners Justin Doyle, Harry Doyle, Ryan Doyle, TJ Jacobs, and Hugh O’Hagan. Each partner heads a strategic division of the company with collaborative staff working towards a common goal of viable and exciting development benefiting the community for years to come.


Justin Doyle


Seth Sojka

Director of Development

Pam Wilson

Director of Human Capital

Joe Teeling

President, Fund Management

Hugh O'Hagan


Harry Doyle


James Spiller

Director of Design

Rachel Wegmann

Director of Marketing

Impacting Communities Through

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