Market One

Market One

Location: Des Moines
Size: 40,668 Square Feet — Commercial
Status: Complete


The building was originally constructed in 1901 as offices and manufacturing for the Advance Rumely Thresher Company. The original structure was two stories tall as designed by the architectural firm of Hallett & Rawson. In 1912 the building was expanded to three stories to handle the expanding business. In 1918 the building was gutted by a fire save for the first level brick exterior walls. It was rebuilt on a design by the significant Iowa architectural firm of Proudfoot, Bird & Rawson in 1919 into its current configuration.


The Market One project is an adaptive reuse of the Advance Rumley building into 40,668 square feet of commercial space. The building features wide open floor with ceiling heights between 14 and 18 feet. A glass-enclosed conference room was added to the roof along with a 3,000 square foot deck and shade canopy. The remainder of the roof has been covered with photovoltaic panels and a planted (green) roof system.

Energy consumption is offset by the roof solar array along with a large solar canopy over the adjacent parking lot. The combination of geothermal and solar energy sources along with LED lighting and an advanced refrigerant based heating and cooling system has allowed the project to achieve NetZero energy usage, meaning the project produces more energy than it consumes. The project has achieved LEED Platinum certification, as well as a first-place ASHRAE National Technology Award in 2018.