The Blackbird

The Blackbird

Location:  Des Moines
Size:  .25 City Block
Status:  Pre-development


This open site in the heart of the downtown core was once the home of the flagship store of the Younkers Department store company.  Plans had been made and construction begun on a historic re-utilization project that would have given the building life for another hundred years.  It is unfortunate that in May of 2014 during the early stages of this project a fire destroyed the historic landmark.


The property was acquired by Blackbird Investments in conjunction with the adjoining Wilkins building.  While we are saddened at the loss of this local icon, we are equally excited by the possibilities that now present themselves.  As work progresses on the Wilkins Building, plans are being be developed for a new and vibrant structure to fill this corner for the next 100 years.