Blackbird Veterans reflect on what Veterans Day means to them

Veterans Day means many things to many people. Every November 11th, our nation comes together to remember and honor the service and sacrifices of our Veterans. Blackbird Veterans Marc Helm and Rob Stark reflect on what this day means to them.


MARC HELM, Blackbird Property Specialist

Branch: Army

Rank: CPT

Length of Service: 20 years active and reserves

Job/Assignment: Engineer Officer

What it means to be a Veteran:

“Each Veteran made and kept a promise to serve our nation’s goals, regardless of their own opinions on politicians, policies, or strategy with their life.”


ROB STARK, Blackbird Director of Property Services

Branch: Army

Rank: Colonel

Length of Service: 25 years

Job/Assignment: Helicopter Pilot

What it means to be a Veteran:

“To defend what you love. The love of this country and the love of the people that live here.”


Thanks to all Veterans for their service!